Catholic magisterial teaching.

Conscience guides man on what to do and what not to do and since it is the voice of God it will always lead us in doing what I righteous. God created all human beings in his own image, and He requires us to love him and also love our neighbours. With love, we will think well of others, with love we cannot kill, steal, take bribes or favour individuals based on either their race, ethnic group or any other classification. Conscience brings together people from different parts of the world in the search of the truth hence strengthening their social relationships, and more so creates peace and coherence. It is through these interactions and conscience that people develops norms of morality that guide them no matter their geographical location and hence in the long run the whole world is united and guided by laws that uphold respect for others. In conclusion, it is evident that these teachings from the Gaudium et Spes are critical if put into place. They will increase peace and love for others and remove selfishness and hence will lead to equitable distribution of wealth and access to employment as human beings see each other as being equal and important in the eyes of God (Paul VI Ch. 1).

The church and other Christian organization should continue to act as patrons to the poor. According to the Gaudium et Spes Chapter 4 Section 42, it is the role of the church to create works like charity to benefit the poor people in the society. The aim of the church is to unite the human race, and this can only be achieved by addressing the particular needs of the people. The church also aims at doing what is useful to other people, and this creates an obligation of meeting the needs of the poor people in the society. The church emulates Christ and in bringing unity and strengthening of the human family and this can only be achieved by meeting the needs of the members. 

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Catholic magisterial teaching.
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