Categorical, continuous, and dichotomous variables.

 This week we are learning about ordinal/categorical, continuous, and dichotomous variables. Using the Gestation Demographics dataset provided in the Framingham Heart Study Dataset Excel workbook (look at the tabs on the lower left once you open the document in Excel), perform the following problems using R Studio or Excel. 

1. Create a simple distribution graph (histogram) where we will explore the age of women after giving birth to their first child. 

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Categorical, continuous, and dichotomous variables.
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Remember that a histogram consists of parallel vertical bars that show the frequency distribution of a quantitative variable in the graph. See the example in  Introductory Statistics with R on pages 71-7 or pages 123-124 in EXCEL statistics: A quick guide. The area of each bar is equal to the frequency of items found in each class. 

2. Determine the mean age of the women in the Gestation Demographics SEU dataset. 3. We will be testing the hypothesis that assumes the mean age (μ = μ0) for women is 37 years in the Gestation Demographics SEU dataset. 

H0 The mean age of women giving birth is 37 years old. (Null Hypothesis)

 H1 The mean age of women giving birth is not 37 years old. (Alternative Hypothesis) Present your findings in a Word document by copying and pasting the histogram into the document. 

After your analysis, state whether you accept or reject the null hypothesis and your reasoning why.

 A title page, an introduction, a discussion where you interpret the meaning of the histogram, and a conclusion should be included. 

Your submission should be 4-5 pages to discuss and display your findings. Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly, peerreviewed articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but the others must be external. 

 Follow APA 

The Framingham study dataset has all the dataset that we will need in this course: Framingham Heart Study Dataset.xlsx  Look at the bottom left corner of the excel spreadsheet you will see three tabs: Framingham Heart Study, Survival Curve, and Gestation Demographics.  For assignment 4 we will be using the Gestation Demographics and you will be producing a histogram. 

The excel graph is included in the page count.  So what I need to see is a histogram or the simple distribution graph and then the discussion of your findings.  

Here is a nice little tutorial on creating a histogram:  You will see a histogram created that is like a chart and you can just click on that and copy it into your word document.  Please let me know if you have any questions concerning this assignment.

i attached the book and please use at least 4 more reference

dont forget to include in-citation   

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