Cases of Cyber Crimes and Threat of Terrorism

Computer animation can yield realism and speed to a project. An image can be generated for the project and stored for later use without the need for drawing again or restructuring. This saves project time and cost. It always requires the animator to effectively determine the requirements of each phase of the project. However, program limitations often limit computer animations. On the other hand, 3D modeling approach has a big advantage of improving the overall design quality and ensures the minimal need for re-drawing. It lowers the time required for developing new designs and eliminates possible costly errors. However, effective results require training and it usually entails high start-up cost. Moreover, it is usually difficult to obtain a conceptual form.

6) Cost-benefit analysis: this section provides details about the cost of the project compared with the benefits of the project, thus providing critical information for deciding whether to pursue the project or not.

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 Cases of Cyber Crimes and Threat of Terrorism
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Accurate estimation of time and a budget requirement for a project is one of the most challenging tasks in project planning. Lack of historical data on which to make time and cost estimates for new projects makes time and budget estimation difficult, thus the possibility of under or overestimating the time and budget required for any particular project. Lack of historical data makes it impossible to know various hiccups in the process of implementation of the project that can lead to late project completion and costs above the initial budget. Also, little or no relationship between projects makes time and budget estimation difficult.&nbsp.

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