Case Study: GM & EDS

After viewing the movie “Roger & Me”, read the case study titled “The GM Acquisition of EDS: A Clash of Organizational Cultures” (Strategic Management, 8th ed., Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson. Thompson Southwestern, 2008, pp. 900-907.), found here. Using the questions below as your guide, a 5 to 7 pg analysis of the case. There should be a minimum of three references sources other than your textbook and the materials provided for this case. APA writing style rules apply to this assignment.

Address the following components as related to GM & EDS:

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Case Study: GM & EDS
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  • What was the implied strategy?What was the realized strategy?
  • What is the impact of divergent Corporate Culture during a merger?
  • What is the impact of powerful leaders on corporations?
  • What is the importance of “shared vision”?
  • What are the hard issues, the soft issues associated with the merger?
  • What has happened to Ross Perot since the end of the case?
  • What is the current financial position of G.M.?
  • What is the current financial position of EDS?

As related to Roger and Me?:

  • What has happened to Roger Smith?
  • Why did Roger Smith refuse to go to Flint?
  • What/How/Does GM (or any large corporation) have a social responsibility to the town they are in (Flint, Michigan)?

As related to Trends:

  • Has the corporate philosophy of GM changed since Alfred P. Sloan was CEO?

Please provide me with reference so i can refer back

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