Case study


Case study

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Case study
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You are the president of a company promoting health food products. Recently you have been worried about the fitness of your employees. You don’t think it looks good to have overweight people working for you so as it hurts your marketing image. You want to introduce a mandatory daily fitness program, employees will either have to come to work an hour early or they will have to do the program on their lunch hour. 

Some employees have complained that they should not be forced to exercise and that how they look is their own choice. No one should be able to make this decision for them. You counter this argument by saying that if they want to work for health food company then they must be fit. Its just one of the new rules and if they don’t like it they can quit.

usually you vote on issues like this where everyone in the company has an equal opinion that counts. However, because you are the CEO, you think your decision in the matter is more important and therefore what you decide will be final.

yes, you know some employees will suffer from having to come to work earlier or give up their lunch time, but you feel this sacrifice is out-weighed by the benefits of lower health care costs that your company has to pay. So a healthier company is a more profitable company. Most employees like the ideia and there are only a few who are complaining.

you are eager to get started on the ideia and are prepared to force people to do it. However, you are worried how this would look, because you want people to think of you as an open, caring person who values others opinions. And you are worried that if you do this, it will turn you into a bad person, in your own eyes and the eyes of others.

in trying to make a decision you decide that the best standard is to consider each of the 5 ethical approaches. 

Question 1

a) identify and define what the meaning of each the ethical approaches is. Then give an example from the case study above that relates to each of these approaches.

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