Case Study

Case Study

Case study 1Martha Mazibuku started a business (registered as a close corporation in 2009) which sells computer equipment in her township. Martha did an A+ Computer technician course 4 years ago and worked for a large computer company for about 6 years before embarking on this venture. She took a loan of R200 000 from Khula and used all her savings to convert an old hairdressing salon into a computer shop and to buy her initial stock.There is a great need for her products and services. High-school children and students living in the township are her main customers. Although she started by working on her own, she now employs one technician and one sales lady.Through hard work and good customer service her turn-over was R50 000 for the past year and it is her vision to grow her business into the preferred supplier of computer hardware and services in her neighbourhood. She started planning to expand her business and wants to achieve a turn-over of at least R75 000 in the next 12 months.Martha realises that she must take the variables in the external environment into account. However, she focuses only on the variables in the market environment and does not consider those in the macro environment. At the moment her only competitors are two computer technicians who are doing PC repair work in the area.

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Case Study
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a. Explain a creativity technique that you can use to help Martha to generate more business ideas.b. Further develop Martha’s business idea by implementing a bow-tie diagram.

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