case review

read the case attached . ( clean razors)

and answer these following in 2-3  pages .

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case review
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Who:                Names of the “Players”                                   Job Titles or Positions of “Players”

What:               Immediate Issue(s)                                          More Basic Underlying Problem(s)

Where:             Domestic, Global or Other Locales

Why:                Why/how issue(s) developed or emerged

When:              Timeframe of emergence of issue and time pressure to address it

How:                Your planned approach to this case analysis from analytical, conceptual and logical perspectives


Relevant Course Framework(s) and Analytical Tool(s):  SWOT, Porter’s, Product Life Cycle, etc

Alternatives/Options:  At least three (3) options including those explicitly offered in the case itself

Decision Criteria:  Qualitative and Quantitative

Decision:  Use your analytical assessment to support this decision

Missing Information:  Information you wanted to have/know but was not provided in this case

Assumptions:  Assumptions or educated guesses you made regarding this case

attached the case and some sample to help you  

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