Case Analysis (Marketing Planning and Management)

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Case Analysis (Marketing Planning and Management). Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The recommendations that has been provided is to create a complete workflow for the process and assign each job to every member and remove both sampling as well as the discounts and aim at marketing through other marketing techniques

Variable cost per unit is not applicable, as the products were sponsored and there are no ‘cost of goods’ involved. The price per product on the first day is $15. Hence the entire $15 is contributed to cover the total fixed costs involved.

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 Case Analysis (Marketing Planning and Management)
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The costs involved were very minimal and all the stocks were sold out. The liquidity position is also very strong with a turn over of $ 5,365 received in cash. Overall, the financial position of the company is very strong.

Initially, the plan was to buy and promote seventy units every market day. However, the company sponsored for 100 units a day. Hence the marketing strategy was altered to include this factor. The demand was also estimated at 140 for the two days. The marketing strategy was very effective and entire 200 units were sold out in 2 days. The actual position turned out to be more optimistic than that was projected.

Team performance and cooperation among all team members plays a very important role in this project. The team consisted of five members Stephanie Holland, Cassandra Hayes, Jean Kho, Nick Robinson and Brian Chow. The team performance and team dynamics as whole was very powerful and every individual in the team took up responsibilities and performed towards achieving a common goal of the team. There has been active participation from all members thereby making it possible for Sweet Adrenalin to achieve the success that it has achieved in the market day. The team structuring as a whole has been very strong and the allocation of the various positions in the team has been extremely good (Jobber, 2004).

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