Career Exploration Paper Guidelines

You are to create an informational report on your career.  The type of information to be included in this career informational report is as follows:

·        Description of the career

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Career Exploration Paper Guidelines
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·        Skills required

·        Training and education required

·        Tasks, duties and responsibilities

·        Work environment

·        Future job outlook

·        Earnings range (annual entry and maximum)

·        Advancement opportunities

·        Advantages and disadvantages of career choice

·        Interesting facts about career

·        Related occupations to career choice

Write your informational paper with your audience in mind.  Your audience has no prior knowledge of this career field.

Follow formatting guidelines with APA Citation style.  Use the sample on pages 481 through 490 of your textbook, 8th Edition.  Your report will not include an “Executive Summary” and “Conclusions and Recommendations”.

Use these formatting guidelines:

·        Single-space text

·        8 ½ x 11 inch paper

·        3 – 6 pages in length (body of paper)

·        Font size 10 or 12

·        Courier New font

·        Title Page

·        Table of Contents

·        Works Cited (minimum four reference citations — only one from the web)

·        Reference citations in the body of paper

Grading Criteria (Informational Career Paper)


      15 – Title Page, Table of Contents

      15 – Reference citations in body of paper

      25 – Followed correct formatting guidelines

      15 – Content informative, error-free

      15 – Five strengths identified and discussed

      15 – Works Cited (minimum of four different sources)

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