Write 2 pages thesis on the topic capitalism a love story. Capitalism: A Love Story Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis ment 3 Discussion 3 Conclusion 5 Works Cited 6 Introduction “Capitalism: A LoveStory” is an appreciated documentary film which is based on understanding the influence of corporate dominance in the United States. The movie is directed by Michael Moore who wanted to explore the impact of capitalism on the day-to-day lives of American people. He observed the lives of common American citizens and revealed the deceptive role played by capitalism for abolishing the dream of American people (IMDb, “Capitalism: A Love Story”). The essay is based on the themes of capitalism and the conceptions that have been described in the film.

Thesis Statement

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The objective of the essay is to compare and contrast the themes of capitalism and theories which are discussed by Ayn Rand.


Capitalism has been demarcated as a system of open business. The movie describes the gap between rich as well as poor which can have an impact on the education, wealth, income distribution and most importantly the opportunity to grow in the society. The major theme of capitalism is business dominated economy. Capitalism discourses as to how large business organizations dominate the market. The basic theme of capitalism demonstrates that several US based organizations attain considerable amount of profit which is generated through activities such as mergers as well as outsourcing that have negative impacts on American people. In the interview, Ayn Rand talked about the knowledge of objectivism in contrast to capitalism which denotes the procedures of rationality and search for happiness as sole objective of existence. This hunt for happiness generates more greed and corruption which can be observed in capitalism (YouTube, “Mike Wallace Interviews Ayn Rand (1959) (Full Interview)”).

According to the view of Ayn Rand, objective theory is a philosophy of value which is compatible with capitalism. In an open business system, prices, wages and profits are determined not by the wealthy or poor persons or by greediness, instead it is determined by the law of supply and demand. Thus, one can become wealthy by providing better value with better prices. Ayn Rand had stated that in the US, economic issues are generated by unethical applications of ideal principles of capitalism. In comparison to this theme, the movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” depicts that how large organizations only pursue for fulfilling their objectives to earn more money. Capitalism: A Love Story is dedicated to an economic philosophy which has threatened the lives of American people (YouTube, “Mike Wallace Interviews Ayn Rand (1959) (Full Interview)”).

The theme of the movie i.e. capitalism has been described as a crisis for economic system of the US. It has encouraged an environment of inequality. Although the idea behind capitalism described by Ayn Rand was free economy where people will be benefitted by increasing employment but the movie describes that a majority of people are not benefited by the capitalist system (YouTube, “Mike Wallace Interviews Ayn Rand (1959) (Full Interview)”).

Ayn Rand’s idea of capitalism depends on the conception of democracy. She had also described the idea of sensible foundation to the economic market. She argued and presented the notion of capitalism as democracy and freedom of economy, but the movie, Capitalism: A Love Story examined the basic thought of capitalism. The movie wanted to demonstrate the viewers that capitalism essentially drives greediness (YouTube, “Mike Wallace Interviews Ayn Rand (1959) (Full Interview)”).


Capitalism: A Love Story represented the actual facts about capitalism. It showed that capitalism is destroying the economic system of America gradually. It has become the basis of social problems. From the movie, it is evident that large organizations generally do not consider the wellbeing of employees or commoners rather they only care about increasing their profit margin.

Works Cited

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