Canadian troops must be in Afghanistan.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Canadian troops must be in Afghanistan. It needs to be at least 750 words. Although there has been several hurdles, some of which are yet to be cleared like the learning curve, the Canadian forces have adapted quickly and learned enough to emerge as one of the most reliable and successful national contingents. Canada thrives to become a recognized power at the international stage though not ambitious. Although the country has a low population compared to other major powers like US and China, the Country has been out to prove its efficiency in handling crisis. The forces in Afghanistan have been an indispensable source of crucial information to the federal government. The government continues to learn and study methods necessary for handling, managing, and harmoniously integrating national power in overseas operation. There have been public concerns about the operation, as many do not fully comprehend the details of the operation including parliamentarians, creating a conflict with the government as to whether the right things are being done. The operation in Afghanistan has raised concerns of availing details of the operation through in-camera reports and updates in classified documents. Due to the challenges of providing information through such complex means it has been proposed that there be established a non-partisan, though sponsored by the government, confidential briefings to a section (if not all parliamentarians) on the international events. This would enhance and provide clear comprehension of the Afghanistan matter, which in turn would facilitate precise assessment of the situation and project the future prospects. Committees have therefore been formed to provide the Canadian public with the actual proceedings in Afghanistan. This creates national consciousness and awareness. When Canadian forces personnel are dispatched to execute missions away from home, their loving families continue to carry on at home. This creates changing roles as the spouse, sons and daughters step up to fill the void left. The normal life pattern is disarranged and it is with this that the works of the left behind family members has been commended. Although it is not the will of the government to disrupt the normal lives of families by sending troops abroad especially in the harsh conditions of Afghanistan, it is important to note this is done with the interest of the Canadian public being put paramount (Holloway 6). Canada is a signatory to the 2006 Afghan Compact. This compact initiated by the international community is mainly aimed at the rebuilding process of Afghanistan after the war led by the US. Canada together with other signatories has the obligation to provide and maintain security, ensure human rights are observed at the same time initiating economic as well as social developments. Canadian troops are therefore in Afghanistan on a noble cause that also portrays global collaboration and cooperation (Bickerton & Gagnon 79). Canadian troops must be in Afghanistan as they are there for the well-being of the Canadian nation. The troops are there to safeguard the national security of Canada by ensuring and actively participating in making Afghanistan a safe nation that does not encourage and harbor terrorist organizations like in the past. The troops are also there as invited guests.

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Canadian troops must be in Afghanistan.
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