Can you rewrite/reword this, make it sound completely different while it provides the same information.

Can you rewrite/reword this, make it sound completely different while it provides the same information.

thank you

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Can you rewrite/reword this, make it sound completely different while it provides the same information.
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As a business prepares for the start of what is to be a successful project, there has to be a kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting consist of creating a VIP list, an itinerary, design information for the project, and team building activities. These things allow the stakeholders to clearly understand the task before them, as well as, include other individuals on the relevance and importance of the project. Within this paper, stakeholders, communication, team building activities, and code of conduct will be discussed regarding the kick-off meeting for the Roto Air’s project in Florida. 


The project stakeholders hold a high interest and role in the projects that are being managed (Barkley, 2014). They are also considered as individuals that may be impacted by the project that is being implemented. Since the project kick-off meeting is being prepared it is very important that the CEO, project manager, project team, and plant manager are present at this meeting. Each of these individuals are intricate stakeholders in the success of the project. The CEO is needed to show her presence as it is a kick-off project for a new product that will be produced in the Florida plant. The project manager is the individual who will ensure the project and the project team are on course to meet the project deadlines successfully. The project team will work hand in hand with each other, along with the project manager to ensure testing is properly done, equipment installations are up and functioning properly to produce the new product, as well as, ensure each phase of the project is met by its deadline. Additionally, the plant manager will monitor the budget of the project to ensure all costs and expenses are controlled. All of these individuals are major contributors to the project that will kick-off in Florida.   

Interested Parties

In preparation for the kick-off meeting it will be important for all parties that are planning the meeting, as well as, those attending to communicate with one another. Since technology is so advanced during this day and time, there are multiple options for communicating with different people in different locations. The different forms of communications that would be most beneficial for the attendees is as follows:

1. Emailing (electronic mailing)

2. Teleconferencing

3. Video conferencing 

Out of the three forms of communication listed above, video conferencing is the best method for those interested parties in both New York and Florida. Video conferencing has become an alternative to increasing efficiency, while reducing the need for carbon emissions by mitigating the need to travel (de Lind van Wijngaarden, Erman, Matthews, Sharp, & Sutter, 2010). The different forms of communication have made it easier and saved time. Now everyone can be in a meeting in minutes and be able to see the information being discussed from a hi-definition video screen.  

Team Building Exercise

Once the project kick-off meeting begins, it is important to include team building activities that will incorporate communications, participation, and creativeness. Everyone should introduce themselves first, then they should be broken down into groups. Each group will take the time to learn something personal as well as business related regarding each person in their group. The next activity will include creating a design on a poster within each group that is focused on the new product. Once each group has worked together on their design, it will be presented at the close of the kick-off meeting. Additionally, after the designs have been presented by the end of the meeting, use music as a form of relaxation as well as a little friendly competition. This will relax the employees and also allow them to have fun, not related to the project directly.  

     Potential Violations and Actions

When Shawn mentions that her husband is employed as a sales representative of the manufacturing company for the equipment, it becomes an issue of conflict of interest. When this information was shared, the company has to refrain from engaging in the decision-making process or otherwise attempting to influence outcomes until a full disclosure has been provided to the stakeholders (PMI, et. al,) In this particular case it is very important for Shawn to fully provide any and all information regarding her husband’s position. This information will be shared with the stakeholders to come up with a mitigation plan and decide if they would like to continue to pursue business with that specific manufacturer or move on to another. Shawn’s husband should clearly identify how his sales position may have an impact on the equipment that Roto Air has purchased for the Florida Plant project. This will assist the stakeholders in understanding what tactical measures they may need to take to avoid potential legal ramifications later.  


In conclusion, including the appropriate stakeholders will serve to be beneficial from an informative and resourceful perspective. Also, using the proper forms of communication, such as video conferencing will save time and money, specifically on travel. Using team building activities that are thought provoking and that offers inclusion will serve to allow team members to learn more about each other, as well as, demonstrate some of their business strengths. Additionally, when a company understands the PMI Code of Conduct it prevents legal issues, as well as, eliminates conflict of interest issues when it comes to parties who are related to each other while trying to do business with a company that supports a project or program. Overall, planning a kick-off meeting is just as important as planning for the project.

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