Business Systems Analysis and Design.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Business Systems Analysis and Design. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The system was to incorporate both a database and was supposed to web-based.

Analysis of the system was carried out prior to studying the existing manual system within the organization. Questionnaires were given to the different people who were involved in the running of the manual system. People were first told the importance of the new system and why they needed to answer the questions correctly. The management was involved in coming up with the requirement of the system. Here, they were asked to give suggestions of how the system should look like and the functionalities it is supposed to give. After collecting these requirements, the team visited a neighboring company that had a similar system to learn how it was working. We learned the flaws in the system so that we would not repeat the same mistakes in the system. This led to coming up with the requirement of the system.

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After analysis of the current system, the group came up with the implementation mode of the required system which had to be web-based. The system had to run on the server within the organization and was not accessible to the members of the public. The system design requirements were taken into considerations together with the authorized users.

1. Improved on a planned way for the company to carry out its activities- Due to the structured way of the system workers will be forced to follow a certain procedure while carrying out the different activities. This will make sure any activity does not skip any of the stipulated steps.

2. Accuracy- The system will ensure the record on the inventory is correct because of the need for passwords and usernames before any person makes any changes within the system. This will ensure that no items can be removed from within the system due to the fear of being identified in the auditing period.

3. Reliability- the system will be reliable because there will be data backup from the system each day at the close of the business.&nbsp.

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