Business Strategy and Development.

GoPro is the world’s leading activity image capture currently the highest selling wearable HD camera.

Political instability in America has encouraged GoPro to carry out its operations smoothly through formulation of liberal laws and policies that do not affect prices and labor. Following recovery from financial crisis, American economy is currently stabilizing thus forming a good environment for operations of GoPro. Most athletes’ sound financial capabilities in extreme sports also enable them to acquire GoPro products so easily. Moreover, social factors that entails belief in new technology and love of capturing experiences has hugely boost the relationship between GoPro and the society. GoPro boasts of faster technological advancement that saw them beating the likes of Smartphones and therefore the significance of their advancement in their technology cannot be assumed (Mac 2013, n.p). It has embraced intense marketing in the social media which has been key in catapulting their sales.

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Business Strategy and Development.
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GoPro develops highly innovative cameras that are consistent with the customers’ needs of capturing videos and sharing online. The company focusses on the needs of the customer and satisfies them instead of just advancing the technology. Having mix of features is integral for the company especially those features valued by customers at an affordable price and great solution (One Network Enterprises 2013, n.p). Gopro is known to building products that concentrates on the needs of the customers such as ease of use, robustness and footage quality. Gopro targets specific market instead of broad mass market by targeting passionate performers of many sport genres (Barca et al. 2012. P.21).This is because the company believes that target group is more willing to adapt to new technology within capturing hence making it easy to address their needs and satisfy them. 

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