Business Statistics project

I need help with a Business Statistics projectThis is the assignment info:Hi everyone, the guidelines for this project are contained in the following file: Statistic Project Guidelines.docxActionsAn example project can be viewed here: sample_paper – has a real one that is marked up.pdfActionsI have also included a paper that is *MUCH* longer than the 4-6 page paper I want for this assignment on the assignment page here). However, I have included it in case it is helpful in describing how you collected the data, the analysis you did, etc. NOTE: Please do not let it make you anxious or overwhelmed.Things to include in your data analysis: A data table that tells me how each variable is defined and where you got the data. (See examples in the “Statistic Project Guidelines”). A table of descriptive statistics for each variable (n, mean, median, sd, min, max). Please include an appendix table that includes a scatterplot of each X-variable against the Y-variable. (See examples in the “Statistic Project Guidelines”). Check for outliers. (The scatterplots will help you with that). You can either include a dummy variable for them or run the regression with and without the outliers and see how things change.

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Business Statistics project
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