Business research environment of confirm computerized reservation system

In 1988, SABRE Airline Solutions launched Software, Consultancy and Systems Management Services to other airlines in areas such as Revenue accounting, Yield management and Crew scheduling. In 1988, The SABRE System expanded to store 36 million fares which could be combined to create more than one billion fare options.

In March 1988, there arose a dire need of an online reservation system to cater to the bookings of hotel rooms and rental cars of some of the largest hotel and travel companies in the US. Hilton Hotels Corp., Marriott Corp., Budget Rent a Car and AMR Information Services had partnered to develop a System like SABRE that was called “CONFIRM” to manage the online booking of hotel rooms and rental cars. The proposed system was designed keeping in mind the voluminous data regarding the various hotels and rental cars information and details of all services provided to the users. The System will deal with providing details of availability of Room and Car for booking with information about any special offers/discounts available, along with an efficient method of making the bookings. For the hotel or car rental company, Confirm will provide information as to how to defend its market share, build detailed profiles of customer preferences and also provide the opportunity of achieving gains in efficiency by using Confirm’s yield management system. Confirm was designed like SABRE with a centralized IBM mainframe system which could store the massive amount of data hosted by hotels and car rental companies. Confirm was designed for multiple users i.e. travel agents, corporate travel departments and a large volume of individual users via workstations that are linked to existing reservation systems.

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Business research environment of confirm computerized reservation system
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The Confirm Project was a joint development venture by AMRIS (AMR Information System), Hilton, Marriot and Budget, with the work allotted to a unique entity “ABHM Partnership”, that was called “International&nbsp.Reservations and Information Consortium (Intrico) partnership” in later days.&nbsp.

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