Business related topic.

Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Business related topic. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Moral issue Apple&nbsp.industrial& currently the largest, richest and most trusted company in the world. It has attained this&nbsp.mostly&nbsp.though&nbsp.proper&nbsp.organizational structure. This is&nbsp.inclusive&nbsp.of mastering global manufacturing, technological innovations, and market conditions. As a result, there are&nbsp.high&nbsp.numbers of&nbsp.casual&nbsp.employees especially in the assemblage stage. Such high labors and responsibilities&nbsp.have&nbsp.seemingly&nbsp.overwhelmed the company with laborers subjected to harsh conditions. According to&nbsp.Duhigg&nbsp.and&nbsp.Barboza&nbsp.(5), these conditions include low wages, long working hours, poor benefits, and environmental health and, safety issues.

The laborers provide highly&nbsp.crucial&nbsp.service to the company and contribute to a significant&nbsp.amount&nbsp.the success of the company. They&nbsp.ensure&nbsp.the&nbsp.match& availability and quality with&nbsp.consumer&nbsp.expectations safeguarding the reputation of the company. As such, it is&nbsp.right&nbsp.that they&nbsp.have&nbsp.comfortable&nbsp.conditions such as health coverage and decent pay&nbsp.consequent&nbsp.with&nbsp.reasonable&nbsp.working hours. This&nbsp.way&nbsp.they also are able to&nbsp.give&nbsp.their best raising&nbsp.output&nbsp.levels.

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Legally, there are safety regulations and accepted conditions that such laborers can&nbsp.get. Adhering to such might save the& legal problems and avoid its name tarnished. It would also improve operational efficiency, thus increasing&nbsp.output, reducing labor costs, and increasing profitability.

Though the company executives&nbsp.ascertain&nbsp.that the company is taking care of its employees (Duhigg&nbsp.and&nbsp.Barboza&nbsp.7), there are still complaints on the same. In order to ensure that both the company and laborers are&nbsp.comfortable, representatives from both sides need to meet and discuss their issues. They can agree on&nbsp.crucial&nbsp.issues and& with unnecessary expenditures. Such agreements and their implementation need to be left open for&nbsp.scrutiny& the public and government institutions thus ensuring they adhere to regulations. This would also help&nbsp.lay&nbsp.the truth in the& side&nbsp.true& their agreements.

Work cited

Duhigg, C., and Barboza, D. “The i-Economy: In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad” The New York Times (2012). Web. 29 Thu 2012.

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