Business Plan for Oblako Airlines

The proposed plan outlines major aims and objectives of the venture with respect to the current environment of the Ukrainian airline business industry. In order to facilitate to achieve the desired aims and objectives, the proposed plan also explores the current industry environment through the help of competitor analysis framework. Moreover, it also demonstrates an effective marketing plan along with coherent financial information that has been estimated to help in establishing long-term sustainability of Oblako Airlines in the Ukrainian aviation industry.

Oblako Airlines (Oblako) has positioned itself as one of the major new players in the competitive airline industry of Ukraine. The Ukrainian airline industry is driven by a rising competitive pace as it is witnessed that there are a number of vital competitors operating in and around Ukraine which are from neighboring countries such as Belarus, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. The competition has raised due to the rising trend of the demographics especially their increasing income level. Therefore, it is highly essential for Oblako to execute a competitive strategy to cope with the rising pace in the Ukrainian airline industry. In terms of the legal structure of the venture, it will be a partnership between two individuals wherein the risk and profit would be shared by both of them.

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Business Plan for Oblako Airlines
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The proposed business plan for Oblako would be highly focused on building a strong brand position with the aim of maintaining a competitive pricing strategy. Moreover, providing the highest level of airline services along with improving the comfort level of the client would also be considered as the primary aims for Oblako in its business operations. The business environment related to the airline industry in Ukraine has been observed to achieve continuous growth due to the rising commercialization along with increasing income level of the demographics (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, 2009). In order to gain an adequate understanding regarding the current Ukrainian airline market, the following competitor analysis would provide adequate insight for Oblako to achieve its business objectives.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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