Business Mngmt. Discussion questions

150 words weach please:

1. Strategy that companies use to grow is through takeovers.  These can be hostile or friendly takeovers depending on the strategy of each.

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Business Mngmt. Discussion questions
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Show some companies that have been through both and what the final outcome was.

Of course there are strategies that exist called anti-takeover strategies that work to prevent a firm from being taken over.

List the anti-takeover strategies in your reading materials and describe how each works.

2. Sometimes companies use each other to enter markets through strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Joint ventures often work well when a company wants to move into a market in another country.  When a new company comes to a country the consumers are often skeptical about the new products being offered.  This company might go into a joint venture with a well-established local company that has a strong following to help build confidence in the local market.

See if you can come up with any companies that might have done this to enter a new market?

3. Define the 2 ways to achieve diversification?  Give some recent examples,

What are the 4 benefits of mergers and acquisitions? 

What are the potential limitations of mergers and acquisitions?

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