Business Management Discussion Question Reply

  Job Design Methods

Job design is determining what components will be used in carrying out the amount and variety of duties performed by a worker. Such components include job rotation, enlargement, and enrichment. 

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Business Management Discussion Question Reply
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When exercising job rotation, you allow the employee to develop skills and become competent in more than one area of the organization.  In my own experience, my team takes turns being the lead on different projects and surveys. This allows each member to experience something different and to develop leadership skills. 

Often times when an organization downsizes in an effort to cut costs, the terminated     employee (s) position is not replaced. Instead, the tasks of that employee or employees are allocated to those who are left increasing the scope of their job. Job Enlargement can also be the result of an employee earning the trust of his/her employer and adding additional responsibilities. 

Employers that allow employees to work independently, have control and power of the work they perform everyday provide an enriched environment for the employee. The employee is motivated to his/her best work in most cases. Job enrichment is not for every situation. 


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