Business Law For Example Coca-Cola.

Further, through this report, it is clear that the company has the duty to ensure strict observance of the different laws to reduce the harm that any come as result of non-compliance.

Given the sensitive nature of the business that the company (Coca-cola) engages in, it is important to ensure that the company abides by laws intellectual property. Given that Coca-Cola deals with secrets that must be protected. The advantage of this to the company is that they can protect their original ideas so that the inventions and innovations of the company. By listing their innovations and making use intellectual laws that protect their works. The essence of these laws is that they will encourage creativity in the company. Through these sought of these laws ensure that technologies are protected and that individuals who work to bring new ideas are encouraged to bring new innovations. The encouragement makes those involved in the innovation and secrets to enjoying the benefits of their hard earned labor. In this regard, the company should protect intellectual property through copyrights, patents, and trademarks (Edmonds, 2013).

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Business Law For Example Coca-Cola.
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Through copyrights, the company is capable of protecting the expressive arts such as the shape of the bottles of soda. That would prevent any other person or organization from using or displaying such materials to the public. Patents, on the other hand, would protect the inventions of the company from being used by any other company. For example, Coca-Cola ingredients are protected and that make them exclusive to the company. On the same note, the company can make use of trademarks to protect the name of the company from being used in any other place in the world. This also applies to products made by the company.

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