Business law class . Research Component

Using ProQuest or another online search, research one of the topics below and write a 1-2 page paper on your findings and how it relates to this course.  Topics:

  • Organizational Codes of Ethics (see Chapter 2)
  • Styles and Methods of Negotiation (see Chapter 5)
  • Eminent Domain (see Chapter 7)
  • Mirror Image Rule (see Chapter 8)
  • The Future of Workers’ Compensation  (see Chapter 10)
  • Health Care Fraud (see Chapter 12)

Please type this in a Word document, make sure you have correct spelling and grammar, this should be no more than 12 point font, double spaced, and include a reference page.  Be sure to include your understanding of the topic and support any personal feelings you have about the topic with information from your research.  Be sure to cite any sources you use in your paper.

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Business law class . Research Component
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