Business Law

Select ONE of the scenarios below.

Scenario 1

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Business Law
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Annie Bloom broke her left ankle and was admitted to the Baycare Rehabilitation Center for ankle surgery. During her stay, the doctor marked the incorrect ankle, and the surgery was performed on her right ankle, causing long-term nerve damage. Annie wants to sue for negligence and malpractice during her stay at the center. Annie is a resident of Massachusetts, but Baycare is located in New Hampshire. Answer the following questions:

  • In what court(s), federal and/or state, should Annie file her lawsuit?
  • On what jurisdictional bases would she file her lawsuit?

Scenario 2

Bob Jones operates a business that usually hires college graduates from the local university.  Currently, Bob has a part-time position that does not require a college degree.  Bob is considering hiring an unemployed welfare recipient instead of a student from the local university.  Apply the “Guidelines for Analyzing a Contemplated Action” in your textbook to this problem.  Be sure to address each of the steps involved in the analysis.

Part 2 Sources and Classifications of Law

Select any three (3) of the following terms or combination of terms, provide a brief definition in your own words and give an example of the type of law(s) selected.

  • Constitutional Law
  • Statutory Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Private Law
  • Treaties
  • Uniform State Laws
  • Substantive Law and Procedural Law
  • Private Law and Public Law
  • Civil Law and Criminal Law
  • Cyberlaw
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