Business Intelligence Terms.

 Business Intelligence Terms. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Definitions Used in the Business Intelligence World and Their Interrelated The terms that are used in the business intelligence world and are discussed in this paper are info cube object, info object catalogue, key figures, info object, dimensions and data store object.

An info cube object can be described as a data set which is self-contained (masters, 2012). It is described as the collection of relational tables arranged according to a large fact table which is surrounded by several dimension tables. This table is known as a star schema. An info cube object is used when data is being supplied from one or more sources of info, or it may constitute data from a different system.

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An info object catalogue can be said to be a collection of info cubes which are categorized according to a specific application criteria (DICECCA, 2011). The info object catalogue is used as an aid in organization of info cube objects.

A key figure is a type of the info object catalogue. A key figure is used to analyze an institution affairs and conditions. A key figure can be used in the cost benefit analysis, in the company to establish what dimension on a particular company is heading.

An info object can be described as the smallest piece of information in the business world. Info objects are used when there is a need to structure information required in order to create business targets.

A dimension in this particular case can be defined as a grouping of attributes whose content coincides logically beneath a single generic term. A dimension is used when defining an info cube.

A data store object acts a storage location for transaction data that is pure and consolidated on a document scale. It is used to store key figures, key fields and character fields.



masters, j. (2012). common definitions. In j. kent, using sap: a Guide for Beginners and End Users (p. 273). manchester: sappress.

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