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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Business for fashion study. It needs to be at least 500 words. FASHION BUSINESS RESEARCH (BAFM) due FASHION BUSINESS RESEARCH (BAFM) Primary research is a processing of collection of original data that acts as the first information to the researcher. This data can be collected by the researcher or outsourced to the organization or person who specializes in this type of survey. The information got after the research is used to answer specific questions of interest to the researcher. In order for one to collect primary data he/she must carry out a field research. Primary research involves several methods that include. face to face interview, telephone interviews, online surveys, questionnaires, consumer panels and focus groups among others. Among all these, surveys and sampling are the major research methods that are used to obtain valid results.

Advantages of primary research

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Through the use of primary research unlike secondary research method, the targeted issues are well addressed. The company asking requesting for the research usually has complete control on the research and the process as far as its scope and objectives are concerned. The company bestowed with the mandate to research can concentrate on a specific area of interest rather than a general area.

Again through primary data, interpretation of the data collected is always easy. This is because the collected data can be interpreted and examined as per the researcher’s needs rather than depending on interpretations made through data collected using secondary method.

Also through primary research, recency of data is always put into consideration. This is because secondary data is not usually so recent and again may not be so specific to the situation or place the researcher is targeting. The researcher can use the information for knowing how trends behave or find some relation with the current event under consideration. This makes primary data a more accurate method of use.

Limitations of primary research

Primary research is always involved with high costs. It is a very costly proposition. This is because the researcher has always to be involved throughout and also design everything. This is a costly endeavor.

Again one can get inaccurate feedbacks when he undertakes primary research. There are very high chances that the respondents will give inaccurate responses or biased information that may lead to inaccurate data to the researcher.

Also research using the primary method is a time consuming activity. This is because if the exhaustive nature of the activity. The time required by the researcher in order to collect accurate data is long as compared to secondary data.

Again through primary research there is a large use of resources that are required in order to make the completion of the exercise possible. Materials and human resources are needed in large quantities for data collection and conducting surveys.

How to overcome the limitations of primary research

In order to overcome the limitations of primary research, one can use secondary data collection method. This method is not costly, it is timely, use of resources is minimized as only few individuals are involved and that the data to some extend is not biased because it has undergone several data cleaning stages.


Cargan, L. (2007). Doing social research. 1st ed. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

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