Business Concept Paper

Students’ team will submit a brief concept paper prior to the business plan that outlines major aspects of the business plan. The plan should be a 2-3 pages in length with the cover page.

·       Who are we? What is our product/Service : (we haven’t picked  a name yet, but You can call us Shahad Company for now)

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Business Concept Paper
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 1.Design and manufacture LED linear, configurable lighting systems for architectural applications.

2.     known for having reliable, high quality project-based products.

3.     Installation and maintenance to our products.

(Add few services)

·       Why we are special (Be creative):

Constantly rely on listening to our customers in order to improve quality.

simplifying the installation and maintenance process.

continues to take a holistic approach to every new design, developing application solutions that go beyond providing required light levels and a lighting effect. The development process hones all products to:

1.     Reduce infrastructure costs

2.     Streamline installation

3.     Lower maintenance costs

4.     Innovation

5.     Dependability

6.     Latest LED technology

·       Tools/Methods used for quality:

o   Long-term employees: empowerment and authority to every employee/vendor

o   Quality Assurance inspector

o   Manufacturing Engineer

·       Who is our costumers:

o   Manufactures.

o   Theaters.

o   coffee shops.

o   Shopping Malls

o   Hospitals

o   Industries.

o   And who ever needs a LED system that is safe and modern.


1.    International product line (Special characteristics).

1.     Broad their customization based on international differences,

1.     like alternate glass for humid places.  

2.    No Statistical approaches to quality control

1.     Most inspections are done physically

1.     Quality should be utilized both physically and statistically

3.    While we have a perfect: timing, long term employee, professional workers, checking and re-evaluating products constantly, customization.

o   Should stick with it, and keep it sustainable. 

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