Business Communications PowerPoint Speech

Here are the entailments of the PP speech:

You are to present a five minute speech about the second topic you have selected from the topics listed in the course syllabus. Only for 5 minutes. There is not grade deduction for a speech between 5 mins.  and 5 mins. and 30 secs. With that conveyed, there should be a introduction, body and conclusion.

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Business Communications PowerPoint Speech
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The Topic: How Texting is effecting Business Communications – the pro’s and con’s, the ways to do it effectively, how the future is shaping up for texting in the business world, etc..

Again, this needs to last 5 minutes (10 PP pages with hearty info), needs SPEAKER NOTES as well, make sure to make a reference page and a cover page at the beginning.

Good Articles to gather information:

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