business analytics

COMPANY: AT&TIn crafting your submissions for each part of the project, you are expected to draw on the knowledge and skills you have developed throughout your time at JWMI. Because this is a “capstone” course, it is not built around teaching new material, but rather it is an opportunity for you to synthesize all that you have learned in all other courses in the program, analyze and derive meaning from the complexity of the information, and apply your knowledge and insights through the lens of the CEO of your chosen company. You must demonstrate you have determined which data is most relevant to the present circumstances of your chosen organization AND that you have derived meaningful insights from the data. Please review the grading rubrics carefully. You will see that the most heavily weighted components require you to come to new insights, present an argument for proposed changes and provide authoritative support for your arguments. As a CEO, you must be highly skilled at getting at the right information while avoiding excessive or irrelevant data or not articulating why the data is important and how they shape your choices and actions. Your Instructor will review your submissions for Parts I, II and III of the project, and will challenge you, where needed, to dig deeper. It is your responsibility to incorporate that feedback into your presentation. Failure to do so will result in deductions in your final grade for Part IV. Formatting and Submission Requirements 1. Parts I, II, and III There is no minimum or maximum length, but you are reminded that, as the CEO, you must filter out the less critical data and concentrate on what really matters. That means you should strive for brevity favoring bulleted lists, clear headers and short paragraphs for your deliverables. Your responses are to be concise and logical, and your arguments are to be well-supported and documented with verifiable sources. Since the purpose of these assignments is to help you synthesize information and draw conclusions, do not just copy and paste information you have found. This will weaken the quality of your submission. Perform a financial analysis of your selected organization in order to determine its current financial condition and identify opportunities and threats. This analysis should accomplish two things: (1) establish a baseline for current financial performance, and (2) provide a cost/benefit analysis for the strategy (your “winning move”) you are proposing and the changes you will need to make to execute that strategy. As a reminder, the purpose of this part of the Capstone Project is not for you to present an exhaustive analysis of all financial elements of the organization. The purpose is to focus on those elements which impact (and are impacted by) your plan. Approach this as a CEO, not a CFO. Where will you get the money you need to fund your initiative? What is the proposed payoff in terms of increased sales or decreased expenses? How do these stack up to key benchmarks (like IRR) against which your success will be measured? Which market related financial data impact your numbers, and strengthen your conclusions and help you defend your arguments? As you analyze, derive meaning from, and present your recommendations, you will want to consider the following: 1. Asset Review: Cash Position, Working Capital (Current Assets vs Current Liabilities), Long Term Assets (including depreciation/condition) and Intangible Assets 2. Company Structure: Debt vs Equity, Liquidity, Dividend Payment, Debt Terms/Interest 3. Growth: Revenue Growth Trends, Net Income Growth Trends 4. Profit Margins: Gross Margin, Operating Margin, Net Income Margin 5. Cash Flow: Cash from Operations, Investing, Financing Format In keeping with the purpose of this exercise, you should attempt to present your financial analysis in an efficient way which shows that you understand what really matters. The suggested guideline is 2 pages for your analysis/recommendation. Please place any supporting documents (spreadsheets, reports, etc.) in an Appendix.some information can be found:

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