Burnout on the workplace.

An abstract is required. …………………. College/ ………….. …………. BURNOUT IN THE WORKPLACE Have you ever been burnout due to the excessive demands of the organization? If yes, how did you overcome this stress? What impacts did it have on your followers?

Burnout happens to an employee when the tasks being assigned to him become no longer meaningful to him. It may result from stress or many other work-related factors like fatigue, frustration, helplessness due to constant pressure, excessive demand of the organization, insecurity, paternalism etc (Byars and Rue, p. 420)

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Burnout on the workplace.
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In early years of my work in the field of Investment Manager, I experienced burnout due to that the organization’s demands were more than what I then have been performing. In those times, I often felt that the job is almost meaningless, but I learned how to overcome the issue. It was just the result of my perceptions of the job I was doing. The very fundamental work-philosophy I learned was that a worker can work as long and hard as he wants if he is really able to enjoy the work. When I tried to with confidence and hope that I can meet what the company entrusted on me, I became physically and mentally strong and that in turn helped me overcome burnout.

For my colleagues and team members, it was amazing how one who was burnout has almost turned to be one of the high-performing worker. When I successfully overcome the burnout, I could really help other six members in my team establish confidence and become strong both physically and mentally in performing their tasks as well.

2- In your opinion, what are the main sources of stress? And how can you prevent them?

Stress is a mental and physical condition resulting from the perceived threat of danger. The factors leading to it may vary from organization to organization. As I observed, the main sources of the stress are:-

1- Job Mismatch, in which an employee doesn’t possess the relevant and required skills or knowledge for doing the tasks being assigned to him. This can be prevented by job orientation and training.

2- Threat of Job Loss, in which the employee experiences mental distraction of job loss. This can be prevented by motivation and incentives.

3- Working condition, in which he feels dissatisfied due to that it is untidy, less comfortable etc. It can be prevented by ensuring better facilitation in the workplace.

5- Harassment, in which the employee feels distressed for being sexually or otherwise harassed. The HR manager requires to ensure no harassment will occur within the workplace.

3-If your employees faces burnout, how can you motivate them to work and find it interesting ?

Motivation itself is a tool to reduce employee burnout and stress. When an employee is found to have experienced burnout, the manager should, as first step, identify those jobs with the highest potential for burnout. For the manager to motivate his employees and help them find their jobs interesting, he may go for redesigning the jobs, clarifying their expectations, changing work schedules, ensuring better working condition etc.

A normal reason for burnout is excessive demand of the organization, but this can be overcome by motivating employees to schedule their tasks, plan what things to be done first or which particular activity should be given priority etc. If the employee can meet the expectations, he becomes both physically and mentally stronger and then as a result becomes enthusiastic in the job he is doing. Becoming happier in the job is the right-path to free from burnout.


Byars, L.L and Rue, L.

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