Bump guards research.

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Bump guards research.

Market Research 3

Analysis 4

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Bump guards research.
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Conclusion 4

Bibliography 5

Appendix 6


Bumper Guards are a new concept that addresses the problem of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). “The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that some infants when they are overheated or lack sufficient oxygen during sleep, are unable to arouse themselves enough to prevent hypoxia and death. The AAP states that re-breathing of air may in fact be a contributing factor to SIDS” (Corley, 2008).What happens is that children roll around in their sleep and sometimes push their faces into the bumpers wrapped around the crib. They are then unable to move away and thus suffocate and die. Bumper Guards are wrapped around individual rails. Thus they avoid the problem of suffocation by letting the air in through the crib rails.

Bump guards research.
Bump guards research.

Market research

Response to the questionnaires circulated show the following-

Consumers show a positive response to the product.100% of consumers showed willingness to buy the product and accessories along with it. All consumers showed an awareness and knowledge of SIDS syndrome. 10% of consumers suggested that we circulate a pamphlet to educate parents on the dangers of SIDS.10% wished for illustrations of product (patterns and colors) and accessories available with it. Nearly all consumers opted for Velcro fasteners as the best option. All consumers were pleased with the machine wash feature. Preferences for color and patterns differed with consumers wanting pastel shades, Disney and farm animals patterns etc. Average price of the product was pegged at 25$ with a low of 12$ and a high of 50$ maximum.

Bump guards research.
Rear bumper guard


The above research indicates that Bumper Guards is an extremely viable product. Marketed properly with matching accessories and by educating parents about its success in SIDS and injury prevention the product can be a huge success. Prices must be kept down to an affordable range from 20$ upwards according to pattern. Different patterns and colors must be easily available to satisfy the consumer. Material straps are not popular so this option can be discontinued. Velcro and machine wash features are most popular and must be built upon.


Easy installation, convenient washability and an affordable price makes for an innovative and potentially successful product. Bumper Guards is a great alternative to the traditional crib bumpers which are a threat to infant mortality and a provide relief to concerned parents.


Corley, H., (2008). Crib bumper pads are they safe? About.com. Retrieved November 4, 2008 from http://babyproducts.about.com/od/recallsandsafety/a/bumpersafety.htm

What do you think about Bump Guards?

My product is designed with parents, expecting couples, and future family planners in mind. To help with my marketing research, please complete this questionnaire.

1. Do you (consumer) worry about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)? Yes ____ No ___

2. Do you (consumer) want your child to be safe in a crib bed? Yes ____ No ____

3. Wouldn’t it nice to know that your child is receiving adequate air flow while sleeping, playing, or just relaxing in the crib bed? Yes ____ No ____

4. Would you buy this product? Yes ____ No ____

5. How much would you, as the consumer, be willing to spend for this product?

6. If this product was available as a complete crib set (Bump Guards, comforter, crib sheets, crib skirt) would this increase your interest in this product?

Yes ____ No ____

7. If other matching items (mobile, crib toys, pillows, lamps, wall borders, etc.) were available, would you (consumer) be interested in such products as well? Yes ____ No ____

8. Would you (consumer) be attracted to this product if it were available in a variety of patterns and styles? Yes ____ No ____. What types of patterns and styles would you like to decorate your baby’s nursery with?

9. Knowing that this product is machine washable. would this increase your interest in the product? Yes ____ No ____

10. Would you prefer to fasten the product to the crib railings using Velcro, snaps, or material tie?


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