Building of the Holocaust Memorial.

Write 1 page with APA style on Building of the Holocaust Memorial. Building the Holocaust Memorial” is an excellent movie which underscores the tumultuous growth of this important national monument of Berlin. It does a good job showing the opinions of a wide variety of people on some of the good and bad things about this memorial.

One of the central issues talked about in the Holocaust memorial movie is the fact that this memorial only remembers the Jews who died in the Holocaust, and no others. The problem is that a wide variety of people died in the Holocaust, including people with mental handicaps and large portions of the gay and lesbian population, and not including these people in this Holocaust memorial could make it seem like they are less valued by the German people, like their murders were less of a travesty than the murders of Jews. On the other hand, many point out that the main targets of the Holocaust were Jews, and the main ideology and iconography of the Nazi party were anti-Jewish, and it is thus important to single out the attacks on Jews against the attacks on everyone else, and perhaps give other people who were victims of the Holocaust their own memorials to honour their deaths.

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One of the most interesting sections of this video is the opinions of the original architect and designer of the memorial on what has been done around it. One of the biggest disappointments for the designer was the fact that other people chose to put an underground informational center (the Ort) as part of the installation. He was against this decision, and it is interesting to see how even the lead designer of a project like this does not necessarily have complete control over their project.

“Building the Holocaust Memorial” is an interesting take on the construction of an important site in Germany. It shows that even a simple act of goodwill, like building a memorial to the victims of one of the most atrocious assaults on humanity in history can be fraught with political and ethical difficulties, and that nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface.

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