Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action

I will pay for the following article Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. While conducting any change process, it is important to evaluate the project members and the influence of plan on them as well as the entire project. In order to increase level of motivation among members working in this project, Shimon Kornfield could have implemented change management techniques as discussed below.

Planning of communication is a critical stage where different needs and demands of the stakeholders are determined. This stage helps in understanding as well as formulating a concrete communication approach for the different stakeholders in a project. In the present case, the different teams working form important stakeholders and the first step should be formulation of an effective communication plan satisfying the interest of all stakeholders.

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Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action
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Pre-panning the change activities is a step which can resolve half of the upcoming issues. Planning is the process through which the entire project is divided into smaller stages and every stage is designated with objective and time frame. Even during the planning process, Shimon Kornfield faced challenges while handling the senior team members and faced issues such in aspects such as time, basic design, management and authority. An alternative method of managing this step can be through structuring the job and the responsibilities associated with them. Also, the resistances from the senior managers should have been explored during the initial stages only in order to resolve their misconceptions and differences (Oreg, 2003).

In order to achieve high level of commitment and engagement from teams handling the project, Shimon Kornfield should have involved the team members during important decision making processes. Also, involving tem members in various training and skill building exercise during change can be beneficial.

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