Browns Fashion Store

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Browns Fashion Store

Brown Fashion Store The main intention of this paper is to examine and document the history, products and collections and the general performance of Brown Fashion store boutique. It aims to explain in details its historical background, the concepts events and windows. Brown boutique is unique and designs both men and a woman wears a part from the house wears.

Browns Fashion Store
Browns Fashion Store

Brown Fashion was established in 1970 by Joan Burstein and her husband Sidney as an independent fashion boutique in London. It is found in the ground floor at 27 South Molton Street. It has grown rapidly expands through five connecting Georgian townhouses. It is known for talent discovering talent and has support fashion design for the last 43 years. The main product and collection include: men’s wear women’s wear and home wear including designers, clothing accessories and brown focus. These products are unique and satisfy the needs of men and women separately. In addition other products like the household like chairs are inclusive. It is internationally known for its design and talents.

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Browns Fashion Store
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Browns Fashion Store
Brown Fashion

Brown fashion takes the hassle out of packaging, retail displays, and store design Brown represents the biggest brand on their street and the hottest label. It brings a herd commercial age to the business of fashion marketing. On the issue of advertisement, it is always stylish and always shifts the products to satisfy the customers. It relates to the public through communication that is to broadly build the fame of the label and drive sales .

The communication campaigns target women’s fashion ,men’s fashion and the kid’s fashion .The team that facilitate the public relation is characterized by cool, traditional ,chic and stylish. In addition ,online shopping is done in which all the product are displayed and their prices quoted .Online shopping come with offer at a percentage against the actual. process all the product can be accessed by the client and the design interested in .The client only log in and purchase

Fig1.1 Sample of design

The Brown store identifies its client through Pen portrait. It is a written description of a targeted customer. It explains the hobbies and other interests in different location .In addition it also express personal style or a different one depending on the music or daily activities. The customer is given a name to make the programme humane and friendly to all without discrimination.

Once the profile is made it is exchanged with each other in order to verify if it can identify which shop the customer is targeted towards which is cleverly guessed. Lastly a moody board is made to visualize the lifestyle. In the past, the Brown fashion used matrix frame window that put print on display. The frame house eye-catching textile banners that is much more convenient to store. It serves different purpose as room divider, information wall or decoration for display.

The frame caters for all manner of spaces, including, trade show tail environments. Currently Brown fashion is using inward tilt-turn aluminum window. This window can be opened inward like the general opening case windows and tilted inward .It is a completely standardized configuration adopted in Europe and used in other parts of the world. This window improves visibility and enhanced security.

The products can easily be accessed by the clients. Brown fashion is a family business because it is directed by close family members, Simon Burstein is the Chief Executive Officer, Caroline Burstein as the director of Creativity and Charlotte the granddaughter heads the online store. The immediate effects of family member in managerial position is that it makes the staff more comfortable with each other .The family members also work together with companies like:, Hinde Streets and Vera Wang at Browns and Browns at 160 Sloane Street and bridal wears to widen and increase the customers they serve

Browns Fashion Store
Fashion Store

In conclusion, Brown is a boutique store which has mainly been relying on family members as top managers. The main products and collections are men. women and kid wear which include: clothes, accessories, shoes and house facilities. The products are branded and are advertised. Thorough communication is done to create good relationship with public who are the main target .The unique design used in the production attracts large number of people. It uses the modern window to display its product and has a customer profile where the potential customers are identified through what they like and their areas of interests.

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