I will pay for the following article BRJ SUMMARY. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. ALJCI today have various programs under the below mentioned categories- Art and Cultural Initiatives Education and Training Health & Social Programs Job Creation Poverty Allevation ALJCI functions majorly in Middle East countries apart from London, Turkey, Bangladesh and USA. Some of the major programs currently in operation are: Abdul Latif Jameel Toyota Endowed Scholarship – USA Al Nada Center for Social Care – Hail – Saudi Arabia ALJ Hospital – Saudi Arabia BRJ – Saudi Arabia BRJ Turkiye – Turkey Family Day Initiative for Prisoners – Middle East Grameen Jameel for poverty allevation – Middle East Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art – London Prince Salman Disability Research Center – Middle East Tanweer – Orphans Supporting Initiative – Middle East BRJ Program – Introduction ALJCI’s one of the major intiative is Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ). This program directly focuses on job creation in Saudia Arabia. This program helps in transforming females from aid receivers to producers in Saudi society (BRJ, 2009 p 17). BRJ BRJ is considered to be one of 3 programs subsumed under the ALJCSI. The number of BRJ branches increased to 18 throughout the Kingdom (BRJ, 2010 p 3). There is an increase of 27% in job creation in 2009 which is more than 41,284 jobs when compared to 30,115 jobs created in 2008. The total jobs created reached by ALJCSP reached 113,855 in the year 2009 (Appendix 1). Given the rising and already high unemployment rates amongst women in Saudi which touched 19% in 2009 up from 13% in 2008 (ILO), BRJ was created to tackle the pressing issue of poverty caused by these high unemployment. BRJ mainly aims at creating job opportunities for young females and males through the following diversified programs: 1. Direct employment program: It mainly matches job seekers directly to vacancies in the private sector companies. In 2009 the program created 7,493 jobs of which 4,074 for males and 3,419 for females which is 11:9 ratio (BRJ, 2010 p 7). 2. Training ending with employment program: It focuses on vocational and craft training in areas required by the job market, and ends with employment of females and males, in the age group of 18-25 years, in companies within the private sector companies. In 2009, the program created 2,825 new jobs throughout the Kingdom and several training programs were conducted for both females and males (BRJ, 2010 p 7). Examples of training ending with employment courses include: For males: hotel services, cable-laying technician, restaurant services For females only: nursing assistant, make-up technician For both males and females: cashier, on-phone customer services, photography technician, nursing assistant, medical secretary However, BRJ job creation efforts are not limited to employment or training ending with employment, but they expand to include the following programs: A. Small Projects Program: This program finances owners of small projects through interest-free loans up to SR 200,000 which is equivalent to ?35,000 (Qard Hassan, zero-return loan for both males and females). In 2009 5,110 small projects have been financed which includes medical clinics, bakeries, female student transportation vehicles, sheep sales, sales of electronic appliances, vegetable and fruits, design and decor, etc.

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