Bridging Social Sciences Social Issue: Domestic Violence

 The social issue that needs to be addressed is domestic violence that is skewed exclusively against the women by their intimate partners who may be either their boyfriends or their spouses is an increasing epidemic of global proportion that has a serious and devastating physical and emotional effects on children and women. Very importantly there is a great concern and critical effort to combat domestic violence which has increasingly gained recognition of domestic violence as a great violation of women’s human rights.

Q 2

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Bridging Social Sciences Social Issue: Domestic Violence
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Violence against women may occur in the family or domestic units and even in the work places and may include incest rape, sexual abuse. Some crimes may be committed in the name of honor, female genital mutilation and other traditional practices that have proved harmful to the lives of the women like forced marriages. Some violence against women may be penetrated by the state or state officials for example sexual slavery, forced displacement at workplaces and trafficking of the women for the purposes of sexual and economic exploitations that may result into violation of human rights of women

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This vice of gender violence against women has been a problem since time immemorial and has remained a great challenge for many communities for many years moving up to 20 years.

Q 3

Violence against women is a vice that is collectively an act that is committed exclusively against women. Some times this type of violence targets a specific group of people with gender victims as main motive (Owoh, K., 1998). Violence against women has been a manifestation of unequal power relation between women and men making it to become a crucial social mechanism through which women are forced in the subordinate positions when compared to men.

Q 4

The calculated data resulting from the motivated violence against women by their intimate partners are estimated to have greater impact both on the direct and indirect individual and public costs. These costs are related to suffering health issues, employment cost among very many other issues.

Q 5

The main cause of domestic violence against women has been struggle for power. The consequence of this vice of the domestic violence against women may be both psychological and physical and may be so devastating that to some people it might be seen as some form of torture. Because of the pervasiveness and the prevalence of this vice in almost all parts of the world, domestic violence has become too common that it affects not only women and their children but also affects the entire community

Q 6

As a result of the pervasiveness of the vice of domestic violence against women in almost all parts of the world, the society must consider and react to this vice with a comprehensive strategy that is aimed at incorporating advocacy through legal reforms and education of the public on the impacts of this vice to combat and eradicate this problem completely among all aspects of human beings (Bierschenk, T., 2006).

Q 7

This material if used for research will provide awareness and guidelines for advocating and bringing to an end domestic violence that is very specific to circumstances of a particular country as it will suggest various methods that can be explored for promoting awareness and protecting victims.





Bierschenk, T. (2006). The local appropriation of democracy: An analysis of the municipal elections in Parakou, Republic of Benin, 2002-03. The Journal of Modern African Studies, 44(4), 543-571.

Owoh, K. (1998). Creating room for manoeuvre: Structural adjustment and womens resistance in Nigeria (Order No. NQ27313).

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