Breast cancer.

s who have had a history of breast cancer provided the impetus for intense interest to delve further into contemporary issues relating to breast cancer on a global scale.

In this regard, the current research would touch on diverse issues that confound women’s contracting this illness such as: risk factors, recurrence rates, conservation surgery through Indian experience. pregnancy associated breast cancer. the impact of curable versus advanced cancer in West of Romania. bioengineering embryonic stem cell microenvironments for the study of breast cancer. and triple negative breast cancer cell lines. to name just a few.

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Breast cancer.
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The research would initially start with an introduction of the topic to include the researchers’ rationale for interest in the subject and to present current statistics and relevant information on current trends and patterns on breast cancer. A historical background would be delved into, particularly how the specific area of interest emerged. Likewise, the researchers would proffer ways in which the current study would be beneficial to various professionals who are interested on the topic.

The research problem is to determine the best possible way of addressing breast cancer through the review of related literature on the subject. The researchers would integrate and synthesize the relevant findings noted from at least 15 authoritative and academic studies which have been contemporarily published in peer-reviewed journals. The discussion portion would highlight innovative ways of looking into addressing issues that confound breast cancer with the aim of better understanding the dilemma, determining how others tried to attempt it, and finally how they progressed in their respective researches. The concluding portion highlights the findings and stipulates the researchers’ recommendations. 

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