Blog Reflection Post for personal branding.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Blog Reflection Post for personal branding. Blog Reflection Post for personal branding Blog Reflection Post for personal branding Introduction Conformity involves an individual’s adjustment in belief or behavior so as to fit a particular social group. Some consumers choose brand loyalty because they are motivated to do so while others opt for brand stereotypes .These affects the decision consumers take on customized purchases. A good personal branding model is dependent on one’s passion, dreams and uniqueness (Rampersad, 2009).


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Blog Reflection Post for personal branding.
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Conformity is a threat to innovation as outlined by Jonathan Lewis, a brand expert. As long as it makes individuals acquire the sense of belonging, it has negative impacts in the overall marketing environment. Lewis presents five classification in conformity as far as branding is concerned. They are: Fearing Breed conformity, Buck the norm, questioning everything, Running away, and lastly, embracing risks (Lewis, 2014)

Conformity has affected the way marketing is carried out in this age. Customers indulge purchase practices to the acceptable groups in society. Many business ventures opt to follow this practices and this has played a role in eradication of the innovative spirits in entrepreneurs. Personal branding therefore steps in to make a careful study and manage such consumer perceptions to ensure success in marketing. (Rampersad, 2009).

According to Lewis 2014, of which is true, his idea of ‘screaming louder’ is very costly. It will require lots of funds to finance. The world of marketing has also become so competitive and personal branding should embrace unique ways which ought to be less costly. Hence it’s a key factor to do a careful analysis on consumer preference. Business ventures should embrace ways to stand out as unique but not drifting away from the expectations of their customers.

Montoya 2002, notes that personal branding is an asset to the business venture and ensures excellence. Conformity is still a major setback to customization. Lewis 2014 quotes that three-quarters of the individuals in a group conform to a phenomenon at the first instance. This presents a critical viewpoint that marketers ought to take so as to achieve their sales targets without compromising their customers.

Lewis presents three tips, which are agreeable to me: first is to make a comprehensive analysis of industry’s best performers, then to analyze market norms and lastly to take in the aspect of rick and insurance. The business can then be confident to take a different route cautiously having in mind that its customers will ‘feel better’ going in that direction.

Effective branding in a corporate environment seeks to clearly identify individual’s talents and strengths. In communications and design, incorporation of innovative minds can reduce over-reliance on historical forms of corporate leadership. Creativity is a way to engage non-conformity and turn tables towards a reformed system of branding that will raise the corporate image and ensure growth and success. (Montoya 2002).

The branding can for instance redefine the retail industry. Application of Lewis’, buck the norm can be successful tool. Without allocating immense budgets to marketing department, consumer branding can help to change perceptions of the customers towards the industry. A detailed scrutiny of industry norms need to be established and reforms established that would enable business venture to take a less travelled path. Unique advertising techniques are adopted to create a new image and perspective. Rampersad (2009) argues that consumers have become more enlightened and not swiftly stereotyped as a result of education, travel and media exposure.

Efforts to capture wider customer base in retail industry will come with associated risks as noted by Lewis, (2014). Processes aimed to tailor unique customer needs with products ans services will come along with fiancial costs, time to restructure and variety of tastes from consumers. The firm should stay focussed to the set goals. The firm should be keen to notice newer customer traits and stay cautious of risks that may befall. Risk analysis is ideal since it dertermines the success. (Rampersad, 2009).

As Lewis (2014) argues, in fear of breeds conformity, it is actually important to note that establishing changes in retail industry is more easliy said than done. There is need for confidence that customers will be better placed in these new practices. It is because some customers show reluctance in moving out of those groups that they are in. it is approprate, in branding, to stay focussed and not to think competitors possess the monopoly of information.


Branding therefore should extend beyond the limits of stereotypic practices that affect the modern cosumer. It analyses perseptions of the consumers and embraces their nonconformities. Branding is a continous process and calls for analysis of the industry. It creates new perspections among customers and a new identity to the business venture.


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