Biotechnological food production.

Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses biotechnological food production. As the paper outlines, one of the basic needs that has troubled a lot of people in the world today is food, which has become less than enough for the growing population which has encroached into the productive places and been escalated by the loss of fertility of the land which people have exploited in the past to obtain it. The result of the circumstance is the development of a biotechnology to increase the productivity that has faced substantial opposition because of its potential negative effects on consumers of the bio-products from it. The issue of using biotechnology in food production becomes complicated to decide because the growing population needs food even with the reducing fertility of the soils that are used for normal crop production. The implications of biotechnologically produced foods and the increasing food shortage poses a complication because deciding the course of action the people should take in producing enough food for the population. Biotechnology is a good option to the current food crisis that is threatening to a subject many people to suffering in a near future because it improves the production. Biotechnology increases the chances for survival for crops in harsh conditions, ensures the plants resists diseases and pests, and reduces the rate of spoilage of harvested foods. This improves crop yields, consequently reduces the chances of food shortage in the world and causes small areas to serve many people without getting negative effects of reduced soil fertility (Council for Biotechnology Information 225). Biotechnology offer possibilities for implement flexible farming systems according to the different local conditions that are necessary and the needs of the people so that different people can produce crops of their choices and with ease according to the provision of the weather conditions and other preferences. Through this flexibility, people have the choices to plant seeds that they need from the environments they live in and in the same conditions that they have in a sustainable way. Through biotechnology, scientists have developed seeds of products that can survive in otherwise unproductive areas and hence has increased the yields for the farmers. One of the notable biotechnological innovations is development of tomato seeds that can grow successfully in salty waters and this has helped farmers to exploit the otherwise useless lands without any greater cost (Owens 879). Biotechnological innovations have contributed to production of diverse foods in different places in the world and therefore, it prevents possible impacts of malnutrition in different places in the world. Through the diversity of crops from seeds that scientists have developed, it has been possible to exploit the lands and produce foods of any kind from different pieces of land reducing the overdependence on other places. This has contributed to health of individuals in diverse environments and in an indirect way has reduced the cost of investment on health because people are able to get the foods they need for strong and healthy bodies (Council for Biotechnology Information 226). However, even though there are numerous benefits of using biotechnological systems to increase foods production in different environments and providing sufficient supply of foods, there are dangers that are associated with it. Initiation of the production of biotechnological crops and animals require much investment, which may not be possible for average or low-income earners. This means that it may be untenable for people who have little money suggesting that they are likely not to help people who are the most affected in the world and this means that it may not be viable (Carter, Moschini and Sheldon 189). Genetic crossbreeding brings together genes from different organisms that may have hazardous effects when consumed by the people. This means that they may impact people in very diverse negative ways that are potentially good reasons for objecting to the adoption of biotechnological food production (Carter, Moschini and Sheldon 190). Although there is a need to emphasize on production of food in quantities that are will cater for the needs of different people, there is also need to consider the different impacts the produced foods have on the consumers.&nbsp.

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