Biology 30. Textbook “Inquiry into biology” by McGraw-Hill Ryerson.

Thought Lab19.1 The Spirit BearTarget SkillsDescribing the factors that cause genepool diversity to changeApplying quantitatively, the HardyWeinberg principle to published data, andinferring the significance of the resultsAssessing the role of the Hardy-Weinbergprinciple in explaining natural phenomenaProcedureUse the information and preceding table to answer thefollowing Analysis questions.Analysis1. Predict the frequency of the white coat allele in theKermode bear population ofA Kermode black bear mother and her cubsa) Gribbell Islandb) Princess Royal IslandThe Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodel) is a white2. Predict the frequency of the heterozygous genotypevariety of black bear that is found only in small islandfor coat colour in the Kermode bear population ofpopulations and in populations on the coastal mainland ofBritish Columbia. Known to local Aboriginal peoples as thea) Gribbell Islandspirit bear, the Kermode is rare and people are unclear aboutb) Princess Royal Islandhow best to ensure its survival. Scientists know that its whitecoat colour is due to a recessive allele. They rely on bear3. Suggest why the frequency of the white coat allelecounts and DNA testing of hair samples to estimate theis different on Gribbell Island and Princess Royal Island.frequency and distribution of this allele.4. Suggest why some conservationists are concernedabout inland black bears having access to the coastalEstimated Frequency of White Kermode Bearsbears’ territories.on Two British Columbia Islands5. Scientists are unsure if Kermode bears select matesLocationGribbell IslandPrincess Royal Islandbased on coat colour. Suggest how this form ofFrequency of0.3white bears0.1non-random mating might affect coastal blackbear populations.

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Biology 30. Textbook “Inquiry into biology” by McGraw-Hill Ryerson.
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