Biography on john steinbeck

 He enjoys prominent and respectable position in the American literary world for his valuable popular and influential pieces of writings divulged from time to time throughout his writing careers. His novels and stories were also selected for plays and movies that also prove the influence and effectiveness of his words and expressions (Ditsky, p143).

John Steinbeck was born in February, 1902 in California. His ancestors belong to Germany and Ireland. His father was Monetary County treasurer whereas his mother was a school teacher. In 1919, he completed high school education from the Salinas High School and went to the Stanford University to pursue further education. However, eventually he left the university in 1925 without getting the degree. He moved to the New York City and did some odd jobs to manage his livelihood. Besides, he continued his struggled to pursue his dream to become a writer (DeMott et al, p82).

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 Biography on john steinbeck
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In the beginning he faced many disappointments in getting his work published after which he decided to return California. He worked as tour guide in 1928 in the Tahoe City where he met a tourist Carol Henning, whom he fall in love and got married in January, 1930. In 1935, his novel Tortilla Flat was published and appraised in the literary sphere. The successful publication and reception of the novel allowed him improving his livelihood and he managed to move in a summer ranch-home in Los Gatos.

He went to the voyage around the Gulf of California in which his wife also accompanied him but the mutual differences considerably raised during the visit and eventually their marriage ended in 1942. He remarried with Gwyndolyn “Gwyn” Conger with whom he has his two children born in 1944 and 1946 (Benson, p65).

He also served as WWII correspondent and then visited Soviet Union in 1947. He compiled his observations in bookish form entitled A Russian Journal that was published in 1948.

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