Bilingual education in the US.

Bilingualism is every controversial in the education system. The English Only organization are people that do not advocate for the use of native languages to teach English. They claim that bilingualism brings about disunity. The natives also undermine the English language and thus take a long time to learn it .Their other reasoning is that the government is spending way too much money on implementing bilingualism. The English Only organization purpose is to make English the official language hence stopping the continuation of bilingual education.

There are people who have opposing views to bilingualism. Among them is James fallow and James Crawford. They defend it immensely with their literary knowledge and claims. They reason that bilingual education is efficient in its method to teach English. Their counterargument is that America benefits from increase unity in the country and outside. The United States thus opens itself to the rest of the world. Fallow and Crawford asses that America does not have to nationalize English, it already is the national first language. Bilingual education does not bring any threat for English or the American people. The essays written by both James Fallow and Crawford are different but supportive of bilingual education in their own way.

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Bilingual education in the US.
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James Crawford centers his claims and argument on the personal agenda. He argues that the opponents of bilingual education do not advocate for it because of their personal agenda. They let their personal agendas get in the way of their line of thinking whether the system is good or not. They should look at it from the perspective that it does not work. They should give the arguments that support the failure of bilingual education in the United States.

James fallow on the other hand looks at bilingual education from another angle. He supports bilingual education and talks about what Americans think of it. He says that they see it as a form of polygamy to the English language. 

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