Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on BIBLIOGRAPHY. It needs to be at least 3000 words. Through provision of essential information, the affected individuals become empowered to administer self-medication and live healthy lives, despite being infected with the chronic condition. This document seeks to establish the process on management of the condition. Search strategy Searching for this information began with identification of the condition of focus, diabetes within the context of this search. Following the identification of the topic the specific focus of management of the condition was identified and the search began with the key words being ‘diabetes’ and ‘management’. Various relevant search engines were utilised in identifying relevant information, regarding the topic being searched. The search engines were able to narrow my search, through giving only the key words identified before beginning the online search. The topic dealt with management of diabetes. hence the key words for the search became, ‘management’ and ‘diabetes’. While many articles might be presented when searching for diabetes, narrowing into management brought a minimised are of focus. Being an academic report, various academic sources were identified, with the aim of getting most relevant academic sources for the task being undertaken. The academic sources normally present information which can assist students in learning about their research topics. These sources only contain information regarded as having academic value to users. The Google scholar was very helpful in providing relevant information used in researching on the topic of management of diabetes. This remains the most utilised search engine, which is always readily available within different locations. This search engine provides users with unlimited resources, and its utilisation gave me numerous related articles, which would enhance the quality of the information retrieved. Several online libraries were also accessed. These libraries provided journal articles published in different countries, and detailing commonly employed diabetes management techniques. The information being sought in these libraries sought to define the various methods which are applied in treatment of diabetes. The utilisation of the website meant that I could access many articles, published in different countries and journal within the shortest time possible. The online libraries are normally accessible from different global location, with the same information remaining accessible every time. These libraries significantly reduce the duration taken when researching on a specified topic, like the one identified by this research. The dictionaries also offer information regarding copyrighted material which cannot be accessed online. They give information on where the material can be accessed without any copyright breaching, like publisher details. This information significantly assisted me in getting the correct sources. Other than identifying the topics, article abstracts were immensely helpful in deciding the references to include within my search. While I came across many articles, the selection of many required perusing through the abstracts to determine the relevance of contained information. Through reading the abstracts, I was able to evaluate many articles before selecting the relevant ones towards my research topic. Some articles focused on various elements of the condition and failed to provide essential information towards management of the condition.

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