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Your organization has just completed the Initiation Process for implementing an Email System Upgrade. It was identified in a recent meeting with management leaders from the Sales, Consulting and IT departments that the current email system is causing significant amount of business interruptions and must be updated immediately. You have been assigned the role of project manager to develop the project schedule and budget. As project manager, you are responsible for implementing and enforcing the project schedule and its estimates, expected costs, and the techniques and methods that will be chosen to execute and control the project. The project is being initiated with the following initial project scope in mind:

  • There are five email systems currently being used across twelve departments and offices. These will be replaced and consolidated into one email system.
  • New Email Standards and Protocols will be established and training provided to all departments.
  • All 2000 current email users will be converted to the new system, and 500 new users that did not have email before will be added.
  • Users will have both LAN and remote access to email.
  • Help desk and support infrastructure will be set-up to accommodate the new system.
  • Equipment will be salvaged.

User PCs will be upgraded to accommodate the new email system.

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This is the first time that the CIO has had a project manager directly reporting to him. He wants to make sure that you follow best practices in project management. However, he has a very biased view of project management (he is PMP® certified and exclusively favors A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition), so he tends to hinder you rather than help you. You are seeking to educate him about the variety of project management methodologies so that he can best help and evaluate your work. He has asked that you develop a presentation comparing several different project management models, such as Agile, Waterfall, Critical Path Method (CPM), Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), Six Sigma, Scrum, etc.

Your presentation must be 7–10 slides (with 150–200 words of speaker notes per slide). Additionally, include a title and reference slide.The title slide (including topic title, your name, etc.) makes your presentation look and appear professional. The reference slide at the end with correctly APA style formatted references ensures your information and positions are substantiated and that credit for others’ work is acknowledged with correctly APA style formatted in-text citations in your speaker notes.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Research the library for information about 2–3 different project management models for you to compare.
    • One of the selected models should be the model that you believe would be best for this course’s project.
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 7–10 slides that includes the following:
    • Explain the value that each selected project management model offers to a project manager.
    • Explain which project settings are ideal for their use.
      • Use credible sources to support your arguments.
    • Explain why one of your selected models is ideal for the current course project.
  • Each slide must be accompanied by 150–200 words of speaker notes.
  • For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the Microsoft Office Applications Lab.
  • All sources must be referenced using APA style.

Submitted Assignment

  • The PowerPoint presentations must adhere to the Assignment Guidelines listed above and must contain the following:
    • A title slide with the course name, phase number, topic title, and your first and last names
    • A reference slide using APA style to ensure that credit for others’ work is acknowledged
  • The title and reference slides do not count as part of the 7–10 content slides.

Each slide must contain 150–200 words of speaker notes.

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