Write a 1 page paper on benchmarking sustainability practices. BENCHMARKING SUSTAINABILITY PRACTICES AFFILIATION: Benchmarking Sustainability PracticesBenchmarking sustainability practices is an important area for all businesses to focus on strongly. Sustainability issues maintain the level of success and profitability for the organization and allow them to reap further rewards and benefits from the business that they are conducting. The use of benchmarking practices can be successful for all organization in implying those business practices that can derive optimum level of successful results (Worthington & Britton 2003).

Benchmarking practices in the area of sustainability can be implemented by businesses such as tourism business. The economic benefits, the environmental benefits and the growth of the tourism business can allow it to measure its success with the sustainability benchmarking practice. Tourism business is a very versatile business and to maintain its success level its sustainability elements need to be worked upon closely and made sure that the best benchmarking practices are implemented.

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The other businesses in which sustainability benchmarking practices can be used are the pharmaceutical sectors. The pharmaceutical business need to be constantly making sustainable improvements and maintain their level of products and services they are providing to consumers. Sustainable benchmarking practices are extremely important to practice in pharmaceutical industry.

The housing sector business can also use the sustainability benchmarking practices for making their business successful and profitable in the industry. The housing sector may be facing with constant change in demands from the customers and therefore they need to maintain their level of quality and price. Sustainability benchmarking practices can be used widely in the housing sector business.


Worthington, I. & Britton, C. (2003). The Business Environment. Fourth Edition, Pearson

Education Limited, England.

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