Balanced Scorecard Case

Many companies are using the Balanced Scorecard System to assist in their performance management. According to Garrison, Noreen, and Brewer (2015) a balanced scorecard “consists of integrated set of performance measures that are derived from and support a company’s strategy” (p. 490). In a Balanced Scorecard System, the company’s strategy is translated into a system of performance measures that are used to monitor the company’s performance in meeting its strategic objectives.

For this case study, your task is to identify and discuss the key performance measures of the Balanced Scorecard. Then, find three companies who are currently using a Balanced Scorecard System by doing an internet and library database search. Internet searches as well searches of financial databases, such as Yahoo Finance, should help you in your efforts. Discuss, in as much detail as possible, the specifics of the Balanced Scorecard used by these companies.

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Balanced Scorecard Case
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Week 2 Deliverable

  1. Identify and discuss the key performance measure of the Balanced Scorecard. What is its purpose? What are the goals of incorporating the Balanced Scorecard as a key assessment metric
  2. Identify three companies (i.e., publicly-traded companies) who use the Balanced Scorecard. What are these organizations? Provide a brief summation of the company’s business; the mission and vision statement might be a good place to start. 
  3. Format & Style: The Week 2 Deliverable should be presented as a formal written assignment incorporating the use of APA throughout the paper. Please include an introduction, the body of the paper, and a conclusion summarizing the findings and the reasons for the assignment. Make sure to include a “References” page and in-text citations for any ideas that are not your own. 
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