B2B and B2C 

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic case of dell in australia. B2B and B2C become the main models used by companies to reach their target audiences nod meet customers demands (Bearden et al 2004). It seems likely that direct selling from the manufacturer will grow exponentially. Indeed, it is this very transferability of information which virtually guarantees the demise of traditional industry boundaries. Companies are increasingly finding that, if they combine their information assets with those of other companies, the combined information resource is considerably more useful to all sides: two and two, in this instance, can make a lot more than four. Put together a social security or tax database with another database of people who owe debts and you have a means of tracking individual debtors over long periods of time and collecting the debt from them when they finally have the money to repay it (a process is known as debt surveillance and already being offered by some companies) (Dedrick and Kraemer 2001).

The corporate objectives of Dell are to make self-help more useful and easier to use, improve customer support and direct customer relationships. The clear and effective strategy allows a company to redefine itself — at all levels, from strategy to the operation of individual processes (Drejer, 2002). Dell, a company that is comparatively unconstrained by physical geography (a seller of services across the Internet, for example) can reconfigure its distribution to take advantage of the variances in domestic tax regimes at virtually no cost: it does not have any physical assets of any consequence that need to be relocated. For dell, its value chain can be seen as a series of interrelated functions within any organization that link its inputs (raw materials to a factory, inbound logistics to a retail outlet) to its outputs (outbound logistics, the sale of goods to customers), the virtual value chain refers to the value that can be generated by exploiting the information generated by any stage of this&nbsp.process.

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 B2B and B2C 
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