Authors Personal Story.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Authors Personal Story. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Hope that something would happen and enable me to step up and become a significant person in society. Just as she hoped, a plan came up but not the intended one. I can justify this as I watch one of my greatest creations at the comfort of my own kingdom. This is my story.

Since I realized I am a person and my life revolved around people close to me, I could describe myself as poor. I do not have the memory of my father as my mother played the role of both my dad and mother in my life. I also was the only child as my mother told me she had the will to give me neither brother nor a sister. As I grew up, I understood her situation. We lived in a three-roomed house. Our sitting room also functioned as a kitchen. However, this was helpful since I could not evade my mom’s cooking lessons. It reached a point where I would strive to be at home exactly before time to watch her cook. This made her happy as she felt happy the only man in her life appreciated her. She too had only me in her life.

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As I grew older, I realized people had a role in their life. I could see adults with fancy attires to work. My mother also had a job but her job was not fancy. I also realized that children of my age attended institutions where they wore uniforms and carried bag packs. Later I learned that they went to school as my mother explained. I wondered why I could not attend school. My mother could not afford to feed us, paying rent, and also send me to school. At the time, food and rent were most important that school. Also, most children in my neighborhood could not attend school. Some shared the same challenges with me but some were just dropouts. Every day my mother could cry for denying me education but I wondered why she could do it and my situation could not bother. It was until a time I had access to a newspaper and I could not understand most information written in it. I realized I lacked something that could enable a person to write a newspaper and I could not even write what they wrote. To date, I&nbsp.have the newspaper as my first motivation to acquire knowledge.

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