Australian Industrial relations.

However, industrial relation examines several employment situations. This essay will describe three major approaches or perspectives of industrial relations like unitarism, pluralism and radicalism.

Unitarism highlights the organization as the rational team united by several common purposes. On the other hand, pluralism observes the organization as the amalgamation of various homogeneous groups within different kinds of dynamic equilibrium (Wilton, 2013). Lastly, radical perspective depends upon the class conflict and class analysis in a particular society.

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Australian Industrial relations.
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Several authors have stated that an organization is perceived as the harmonious and integrated corporation under the unitarism perspective. In Unitarism, the management and employees work collaboratively for a common purpose. In terms of Australian industry relation, majority of the industries follow paternalistic approach in under the unitarism perspective. This approach demands the loyalty of all the employees. Consequently, several trade unions are believed as unnecessary as the loyalty between the organizations and employees are measured mutually exclusive. In this situation, both these parties cannot be considered as the two separate sides of the industry. In unitarism, conflict is generally perceived as the pathological and disruptive result of interpersonal functions, communication breakdown and agitators.

In pluralism perspective, the organizations generally perceived as being made up of divergent and powerful sub-groups (Lucas, 2004). All of these groups have own legitimate loyalties. Moreover, they individually set their objectives and select leaders. Particularly, management and trade unions are considered as the predominant sub-groups. In this pluralism perspective, the management of the organization does not heavily focus on the controlling and enforcing. The management try to focus on the co-ordination and persuasion. 

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