Austin Farrer Faith and Speculation.

Write 2 pages with APA style on Austin Farrer Faith and Speculation. Introduction This article that has been taken for discussion is a piece of writing en d “Grace and Freewil” by Austine Farrer. It discusses the perennial areas of conflict between man and his creator God. Author begins the essay with striking comments which explores the need of philosophical background of physical enquiry.

What is the author’s main argument?

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Author discusses two major concepts like the vanishing of free will and the divine Grace. Author’s major argumentation is that all human actions can be the action of God in him. Through the explanation of the complexity of various friendships Austin shows his/her effort to analyze the specific topics like grace and freewill.

Thesis Statement

When goes through Farrer’s article, Grace and Freewill, one can understand that elements of speculation and faith are the leading traits which exert a predominant role in one’s life. Analysis of his article leads the readers to the fact that man strongly believes that one can attain self realization only through bridging a good relation with God and following His ways.

Analysis part

Analyzing the article a reader can find the fact that Austine Farrer has exposed his ideas with a specific touch of speculation and Faith. Author comments that religion forces the people to believe that the existing nature has a divine structure and all its parts follow a positive end and the man is bounded with his devotion towards God. It is also a thought provoking concept that man believes the positive rapport between God and he permits him to go on being himself .Here a researcher can easily understand the signs of a conscious effort from the part of the author to establish the idea of ‘faith’. Human psyche never finds a rebuff on God’s faithfulness if a material perception proves all appearances are vein. Whatever the result, pain or frustration, man keeps on a constant friendship with god and follows the principles of the religion. The author indirectly persuades the reader to follow the principles of a believer. There are a number of agencies that link ones relation with his creator. But it should be noted that the agencies do not strike us in the springing point of causes but in the finished effects. The effect is more or less based on a divine cause and it is related to a religious mind. In our engagement with god we are solely concerned with his purposes and actions and for the operation we provide ourselves completely that is we commit ourselves entirely to it. It is done with the divine assistance and for which trust in god is obligatory. When we actaccording to god’s will we are provided with his grace. As the author says grace is an action of the creator in the creature.

In conclusion author underlines or remembers the significance of faith through the comments which reveal the fact that the religious existence is an experiment between man and his creator God .Author admits the reality that it is impossible to cause the relation between God and man.

Work Cited:

Farrer, Austin., Faith and Speculation ch.

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