Assignment for both K-12 and Higher Ed. Assessment

Assignment for both K-12 and Higher Ed. Assessment 

This week’s assignment is to write a lesson plan.  Your lesson plan can be geared toward K-12 or higher education, but it should show that you understand the importance of alignment between objectives, learning activities, and assessment.  Because this is the first week and the class has not yet studied particular assessment methods in detail, the emphasis here is not on the assessment, but on the proper alignment of lesson elements.  Use this template to ensure you supply the required elements of an effective lesson plan:  Lesson Plan Template Exemplar.docx

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Assignment for both K-12 and Higher Ed. Assessment
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Simply delete all the text between the subheadings and fill in with your approach to delivering the lesson about the topic you choose.  This template serves two important functions: (1) it guides you through the general elements that make up a good lesson plan, which some of you might not have done at this point in your education, and (2) it is a template that demonstrates the exact APA-compliant format required for all papers in the MSE program.  If you have ever lost points for format in the MSE, save an extra copy of this paper to your computer and use it as a template for future papers by replacing the relevant text and maintaining the margins, spacing, indenting, and alignment.

Three tips before you get started:  First, a lesson is a unit of instruction that takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to execute.  Please do not write a unit plan or a syllabus for a course.  Second, if you have taken a course previously that required you to write a lesson plan, please choose a different topic for this lesson plan.  Do, however, take a minute to notice the difference in formats of the various lesson planning templates that are in use in the profession.  Different districts and schools have different expectations about the format of a lesson plan, and there are dramatic differences between what K-12 and higher education professionals consider a lesson plan.  Finally, pay attention to how you handle the assessment of your lesson.  If you say, “I would give a quiz,” then you will miss many of the points on the rubric below.  Explain your assessment clearly enough so that you display knowledge of the importance of alignment between objectives, activities, and assessment.  If you plan on a traditional test or quiz as your assessment, be sure to provide at least a couple of questions as an example. 

I have provided good articles for your consideration in Start Here/Course Resources/Week 1/Week 1 Written Assignment Articles.  Use your textbook whenever possible.  You need a minimum of 2 sources for your research basis.

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